The Adventures of Fatty Thor

Real vikings are fat and fabulous.


You are all the finest followers a god could ask for!

I asked my friends how I could show my fierce love for you all, and it was recommended that I get a thing called “twitter”.

Fatty Thor with the twitter logo, flying it across the screen.

So now if you find my blog too overwhelming (something that is entirely understandable, you are only mortals after all) you can instead follow me in smaller, more convenient and travel sized bites over at @FattyThor!

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    FATTYTHOR HAS A TWITTER ffffffff I adore him.
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  5. marielikestodraw said: I adore you. I want to create a shrine for you. Oh wait, you’re a God, it has been done already. I’ll just worship you then. Welcome on twitter too :D
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